Repeat and remember the rules of fire safety!

5 December 2019, Thursday

Pupils of gymnasium No. 25 were invited to a tour to the center of fire-prevention propaganda and public relations of Nizhnekamsk. Guzel Akhmetova, a Methodist of the branch of the center of fire propaganda and public relations in Nizhnekamsk, showed and told about the history of the fire protection.

In the hall of fire-prevention activity the children were met by the head of the Department of supervision and preventive work in Nizhnekamsk municipal district Nasibullin Ramil Fayazovich. During the conversation, he told about the basic rules of fire-fighting behavior at home and at school.

After the story the chief state inspector of the Nizhnekamsk area on fire supervision carried out poll and was convinced that children attentively listened to it. For each question, he received an exhaustive answer.


Akhmetova Guzel, Methodist of the center of fire propaganda and public relations of Nizhnekamsk


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