Nizhnekamsk firefighters competed in cross

24 September 2021, Friday

The traditional autumn cross of employees of the Federal Fire Service detachment of the Nizhnekamsk branch of the Department of Contractual Divisions for the Republic of Tatarstan was held at the stadium of the Druzhba sports complex. Representatives of 14 fire and rescue units of the detachment took part in the 1 kilometer race. Firefighters, drivers, fire prevention engineers, as well as deputies and heads of units came out to defend the sports honor of their unit at the start of five races!

The results of all five team members were taken into account in the final standings of the competition. According to the sum of all the races, the first place was won by the FRU-44 team. The top three winners also included representatives of FRU-29 and FRU-90, who took 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. The best time of passing the distance was shown by the commander of the FRU-44 department Sergey Romanov with a result of 3.09 minutes.

 - "Fire fighting requires good physical fitness, and we pay great attention to the sports training of our employees. After all, strength and endurance are necessary qualities when performing combat work in a fire" said the chief judge of the competition Rafis Ziyatdinov.

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