The units of the FFS of the EMERCOM of Russia continue to be on duty at the objects of the First Games of the CIS countries

7 September 2021, Tuesday

As part of the control over ensuring the fire safety regime at sports facilities, a complex of organizational and practical measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the First Games of the CIS countries is carried out daily. In order to form and improve the skills of the personnel of the units in conducting combat operations to extinguish fires and conduct emergency rescue operations, taking into account the characteristics of objects, as well as to study the operational and tactical characteristics of objects, locations of external and internal fire-fighting water supply, places of installation of fire and emergency rescue equipment, classes are constantly held with personnel. 
Recall that since September 1, the forces and means of the Main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan have been transferred to an enhanced mode of operation in connection with the holding of the First Games of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which are held in Kazan from September 4 to 11.

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