Basics of life safety for children vacationing in a tent camp

16 July 2021, Friday

Summer is in full swing and many of the children prefer outdoor activities. A children's tent camp is what you need, because it has a number of advantages. Children who are vacationing in nature are trained in a tent camp in vital skills, including fire safety skills.

The most important thing is the safety of children, Nadezhda Kostina, the senior inspector of the department of supervisory activities and preventive work in the Nizhnekamsk municipal district, is absolutely sure of this, so the next day of rest for the children of the Azimut tent camp began with the repetition of fire safety rules.

The GPN inspector reminded the children that it is forbidden to use an open fire in tents, to store flammable and flammable liquids, as well as pyrotechnic products. It is forbidden to lay electrical networks in tents, including on the outer surface of the tent, as well as above the tents, each group of tents must be provided with primary fire extinguishing means.

After a conversation with the guys, an EMERCOM employee walked around the camp territory and checked again whether it was cleared of dry grassy vegetation, garbage and other combustible materials, whether the territory was lit at night, whether all the tents were equipped with autonomous smoke fire detectors.


Akhmetova G. Z., a methodologist of the Center for fire prevention propaganda and public relations in Nizhnekamsk

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