Study of fire safety rules together with cartoon characters

16 July 2021, Friday

The morning of the pupils of the municipal budget preschool educational institution Alekseevsky Kindergarten No. 3 "Petushok" of the Alekseevsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan began with an unexpectedly received letter. The senders of the letter were the children's favorite cartoon characters-Krosh and Hedgehog.

The text was as follows: "Hello, children! I'm in the hospital. I want to tell you how I got here. I was visiting a Hedgehog, we read books, drew, molded from plasticine, and then it got boring, and we decided to come up with a new game. And they found matches and began to play with them. At first, it was fun and interesting for us. We really liked how the match struck on the box, how the fire broke out, and then the fire crept up to the paws, we were afraid to get burned and threw the match on the floor. And then I don't remember anything, I only woke up in the hospital with a Hedgehog. Now we are very ill, our paws and ears hurt. We are being treated by doctors."

The children were a little upset by this news, but the teacher suggested writing them a response letter with fire safety rules so that they, in turn, would no longer get into trouble. And to remember all the rules, we invited the head of the interdistrict department of supervisory activities and preventive work in the Alekseevsky and Rybno-Slobodsky municipal districts, Oleg Eshev.

An employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations told the children that the fairy-tale heroes got into trouble because no one told them that you can not play with fire-hazardous objects, and they also did not know about the rules of behavior during a fire.

Then Oleg Leonidovich told in detail what to do, how to behave in case of a fire and what is strictly forbidden to do.

Everything that the children discussed, the teacher wrote down, and at the end of the lesson, a letter was received, which was sealed together and sent to the hospital to Crumbs and Hedgehog with wishes for a speedy recovery.

"I think that you all helped Crumbs and Hedgehog very well, and thanks to your letter, they will never get into a similar situation now, and even if they meet fire, they will definitely know what to do!", - Oleg Eshev noted at the end of the lesson.

35 children from 2 groups took part in the lesson.

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