Employees of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan continue to be vaccinated against coronavirus

10 June 2021, Thursday

Today, a visiting team of doctors from one of the Kazan polyclinics arrived at the Main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan to vaccinate all employees of the central office from COVID-19.

About 40 people came to get vaccinated that day. This amount is optimal for compliance with all necessary epidemiological measures. By the way, all personnel of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations are vaccinated on a voluntary basis. A total of 2,273 employees and employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations units have been vaccinated in Tatarstan to date.

According to doctors, vaccination is carried out with the drug Gum-Covid-Vak (trade name "Sputnik V"), it is free and voluntary. First, the applicants were asked to fill out a questionnaire containing standard questions about the presence of allergic reactions and signs of ARVI, chronic diseases, as well as taking various medications. The doctor then checked the employee's blood oxygen level, measured the patient's temperature, and questioned the patient about the presence of chronic diseases. After vaccination, each employee received a certificate-memo. Revaccination is carried out after 21 days, not counting the day of vaccination.

Mass vaccination is the only way to develop collective immunity and stop the pandemic. "Get vaccinated yourself, bring your relatives and friends," doctors urge.

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