Safety of the Epiphany holiday in Zelenodolsk district is provided by 126 employees of the EMERCOM

19 January 2021, Tuesday

On the territory of the Zelenodolsk district, events related to the celebration of the Epiphany of the Lord are held at 13 sites, where there are 8 Jordans. Security of festive events is provided by employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Police, ambulance.
All pre-places of swimming in open water checked for safety – this equipment Jordan handrails, stairs going up, and cleaning adjacent territories from snow, and the availability of rescue and swimming facilities. The personnel were instructed on first aid in case of hypothermia, on duty, on the procedure for emergency evacuation of people from dangerous areas.
The Ministry of Emergency Situations advises believers to take a deliberate and serious approach to performing the rite of bathing in icy water, and to adequately assess the state of their physical health. In any case, do not drink alcoholic beverages before entering the water. After performing the ceremony, immediately change into warm clothes and drink warm tea.
In addition, this year the employees of the 8th fire and rescue squad not only provide security at the places of the holiday, but also remind people about fire safety measures in everyday life. They distribute memos to everyone who comes to perform the bathing ceremony. Also, information posters about the need and effectiveness of equipment in homes and apartments of autonomous fire detectors were placed in the changing booths.
Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations will be on duty during all three days of the Orthodox holiday.

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