Temperature Decreasing and Snowing: EMERCOM Recommendations

11 January 2016, Monday

In connection with the negative forecast, EMERCOM of the Republic of Tatarstan strongly recommends to:

- cancel all departures on private vehicle to outwards of the settlement without strong necessity: to the environment, to the forest, to fishing, etc.;

- if you saw a lonely stopped car on the route, get out, find out what is the problem, provide help the victim, report nearest GAI post;

- exclude moments of being children outside without adults’ attend;

- care of making the flat, especially, the porch habitable in winter;

- in order to avoid a fire do not allow furnace overheat and do not use homemade heating appliances;

- the most effective way to warm a person is general warming (warm shower, sauna, general electric warming, warm dry clothes, hot drink);

- if there is an overcooling, properly warm up, come in a warm room for a few hours, have a meal. If there is a chilblain, immediately go to the doctor.

- to save warmth outdoors, move actively, do not get wet, eat tightly and wear warm clothes. When there are unfavorable conditions (tiredness, illness, devastation, injuries, tight shoes and clothes) it is better not to go outside;

- do not drink alcohol, because intoxication, even insignificant, suppresses the will, contributes to drowse and body cooling.

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