Fire-tactical exercises at the "Courtyard by Marriott Kazan Kremlin" Hotel

2 December 2021, Thursday

10 units of fire equipment and 43 personnel were involved today to conduct fire-tactical exercises. They took place in the building of the Courtyard by Marriott Kazan Kremlin hotel, located at 6 Karl Marx Street, Vakhitov district, Kazan. Together with the firefighters of the 7th detachment of the Kazan Fire and Rescue Garrison, the hotel staff and even visitors trained.
According to the legend of the exercises, there was a fire in the basement of the hotel due to a short circuit in the switchboard. Representatives of the hotel administration took measures to evacuate staff and visitors. A sound siren sounded. Attempts to extinguish the conditional fire on their own did not lead to success, so they had to call the fire department.
 - During the exercises, we practice the theoretical knowledge gained during the training of personnel. Thanks to the management of the Marriott Hotel, which provided us with the opportunity to conduct exercises, we were able to work out various options for rescuing the victims. As a result, the personnel coped with the tasks set "perfectly". The hotel staff also demonstrated their actions flawlessly," said Marat Ibragimov, head of the fire extinguishing service of the 7th fire and rescue squad, Lieutenant Colonel of the internal service, at the end of the exercises.

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