The fire alarm at the school turned out to be a training one

9 September 2021, Thursday

Fire-tactical exercises and trainings for the evacuation of children are now being held in all schools of the republic as part of the Children's Safety Month in the Republic of Tatarstan. The main topic is the rescue of people and assistance to victims at an object with a mass stay of people in a fire. The next such exercises were conducted by employees of the 8th fire and rescue squad on the building of Zelenodolsk school No. 16.
According to the plan of the exercise, as a result of a short circuit, a fire broke out in the computer science office on the second floor. Smoke quickly filled the room. At the signal of the fire alarm, teachers began to evacuate schoolchildren. 
Such trainings are held regularly in Zelenodolsk schools. Now, during the Children's Safety Month, evacuations are being organized in all schools of the republic. The exercises are planned. 


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