The anniversary of the FRU No. 57 was celebrated In Nizhnekamsk

11 June 2021, Friday

On this significant day, the fire and rescue unit No. 57 received its veterans. The guard on duty, led by the head of the unit Rinat Biteev, showed the guests modern fire equipment that is in service with the unit. Representatives of the tire business thanked the veterans for creating traditions of responsible attitude to tire production and passing these traditions on to the current generation of firefighters.
 - In the first year when I came to this part, 14 fires were registered! This is not counting small fires" - Mikhail Kurashkin, a veteran of the fire department, recalled back in 1993, during a tea party organized by the employees of the detachment, where the firefighters shared their memories, accepted congratulations and memorable gifts.
During the tea party, the executive director of LLC "Nizhnekamsk Truck Tire Factory" Fail Minnegaliev thanked the management of the Nizhnekamsk branch for the fact that the fire departments saved the plant from fires. He also noted that the fire protection of the Nizhnekamsk detachment employs competent specialists who were trained on the glorious combat example of the previous generation of fire protection.

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