Firefighters held competitions in combat deployment in Zelenodolsk

11 June 2021, Friday

Zelenodolsk firefighters recently demonstrated a real professional skill in the ability to clearly and competently lay sleeve lines, supply water and accurately hit targets. On the basis of the 52 fire and rescue units, they organized and held competitions in combat deployment among the units of the 8 fire and rescue squad.
"The main goal of the competition is to increase the level of qualification of the personnel, to improve their knowledge, skills and skills of working with fire, special, emergency and rescue equipment" – commented the head of the fire extinguishing service of the 8th fire and rescue squad Vyacheslav Zakirov.
Each team consisted of 5 people: 1 driver and 4 firefighters. In a matter of minutes, they had to complete five difficult stages as quickly as possible and without mistakes. Start – and at the command of the judge, the participants are equipped in combat clothing. It takes almost everyone no more than 30 seconds.
The next stage is combat deployment. The third stage is working with a hydraulic emergency rescue tool. 
The results of the competition were evaluated by the shortest time spent by the team to complete all the stages of combat deployment. For incorrect actions when performing tasks, violations of the order of performing exercises and labor protection rules, teams were added additional penalty seconds.
As a result of the intense struggle, the title of the best and the first place was won by the team of the 52 fire and rescue unit, which completed all the stages in the shortest time. The second result was shown by firefighters SRU-53. And the third were the firefighters SRU-34. The winning team of SRU-52 will defend the honor of the garrison at the republican final, which will be held in Yelabuga in a month.


Reseda YUSUPOVA, press service of the 8th fire-rescue squad

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