With the help of a fire alarm signal, three children were rescued

10 June 2021, Thursday

A fire in the village of Utyz Imyani almost claimed the lives of three young children. The fire broke out in broad daylight. The three children were in the house, with their neighbor Fanis Zamaliev playing with them, while the parents of the kids and their older brothers worked in the garden. Suddenly, an autonomous fire alarm sounded. Fanis turned and saw that the kitchen area was filling with smoke, and the veranda was already engulfed in flames. The escape routes were cut off, so the 52 – year-old man made the only correct decision-to save the children through the window opening of the hall.
The fire occurred in the village Utyz Imyani on June 9 at 14 hours 25 minutes. At this address lived a family raising seven children, six of whom were minors.
 Experienced firefighters claim that in this situation, Fanis Zamaliev did very well, quickly navigating in an extreme situation, he fulfilled his civic duty. The evacuation was organized wisely. First, a 9-year-old girl jumped out of the window, and, later, she already took her younger sisters from the hands of a neighbor.

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