Families in a socially dangerous situation are under special control

25 November 2020, Wednesday

In a modern home, there are many potential sources of fire - faulty electrical appliances and power grids, overload of power grids, unattended gas and electric stoves, stove heating. All this without proper attention is a fire hazard.
As part of the "month of security in the housing stock" in the Saby district, an interdepartmental Commission made a detour to the places of residence of families in a socially dangerous situation. Currently, there are 14 such families in the district.
The Commission, with the participation of representatives of the social protection institution, the Committee on juvenile Affairs, the police and state fire supervision officers, visited the places of residence of this category of citizens.
During the joint raid, the head of the inter-district Department of supervision and preventive work, Ainur Galimullin, gave instructions on explaining the requirements of fire safety in everyday life during the autumn-winter fire hazard period. Citizens were handed memos on fire safety measures and rules of conduct in case of fire.

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