30 good deeds of the EMERCOM of Russia: basic necessities for a social orphanage

20 November 2020, Friday

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the EMERCOM of Russia, employees of the emergency Department will organize and conduct a number of events of various directions throughout 2020. Another charity event was the visit of Zelenodolsk firefighters to the social shelter for children and teenagers "Gnezdyshko (Nest)".

It is not the first time that employees of the 34 fire and rescue units of the FFS in the Republic of Tatarstan provide assistance to children who find themselves in a difficult life situation.  On the initiative of the firefighters themselves, they have been in contact with the orphanage management for several years and help in solving problematic issues. Even before the complication of the situation with the coronavirus, firefighters of the 8th fire and rescue squad repeatedly came to the orphanage's pupils with gifts and congratulations on the occasion of various holidays. They held contests and quizzes, organized excursions to the Zelenodolsk fire protection Museum, arranged fun performances with Grandpa Frost, gave encyclopedias and educational Board games.

This time, almost on the eve of the professional holiday of the day of the rescuer of Russia, the head of SRU-34 Radik Mukhametov and the Deputy head of SRU-34 Almaz Khaliullin brought useful gifts to the orphanage. On behalf of the entire staff of the unit, they handed over to the shelter ten packages of basic necessities (baby diapers and panties) for the youngest pupils of the orphanage.



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