Games near the water and on the ice is a deadly risk!

1 November 2019, Friday

The main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia in RT warns: leaving a young child without adult supervision not only in the apartment, but also on the street, parents are already putting his life in danger, which often becomes inevitable if there are water bodies, a highway or a forest nearby. And during the ice age, children's games near the water, especially on a high Bank or on the first ice, especially without adult supervision - a deadly risk!

Do not let children alone to the ponds. A child can not only fall into the water on weak fragile ice, but also fall from the shore into the water. During the ice age it is deadly to go to the first ice and play on the steep banks - they can collapse. And if you have witnessed an accident on a river or lake, loudly call for help, call 112, adults will hear and will be able to help you out of trouble!

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