Training sessions on fire safety continue in the Republic

11 September 2019, Wednesday

A month ago, the inspector SFS carried out inspections of schools for compliance with fire safety requirements, during the inspection with facility personnel conducted a fire drill.

After exercises the inspector of Interdistrict Department of supervising activity and preventive work on Arsk and Atninsk municipal areas Anton Sotov held a lesson on fire safety with pupils of primary classes Arsk school No. 4. He began his speech with a demonstration of the video, commenting and complementing what is happening. Students were reminded how to behave in case of fire and prevent fire in the school and in their homes.

* The first step is to report the fire to adults.

* Call the fire Department on 01 (from a cell phone dial the number "101", "112"), tell your address and what is burning.

* If the fire happened in the apartment-run away. Don't forget to close the door behind you.

• If the smoke in the apartment lay down on the floor (there is less smoke), and try to get to the exit of the burning room.

* Cover the mouth and nose with a damp cloth.

• Don't open the window (this will increase the burning).

* Do not use the Elevator during a fire: it may get stuck between floors.


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