Preventive raids on disadvantaged addresses

27 January 2023, Friday

    Emergency workers continue preventive work in the residential sector. Another raid within the framework of operation "Dwelling" was carried out at unfavorable addresses. The focus is on people in a socially dangerous situation. Such citizens are specially registered with police officers. It was according to the list that the inspectors of supervisory activities and preventive work in the Zelenodolsk district and the fire and rescue squad No. 8 went to the places of residence of people leading an antisocial lifestyle and abusing alcoholic beverages.
    During the survey, the Ministry of Emergency Situations employees explain to residents the basic requirements for the use of household electrical appliances and wiring, inform about the possible tragic consequences that alcohol abuse can lead to. In addition, inspectors recommend residents to install autonomous fire detectors in their apartments and houses, which, in case of danger, can signal a fire in time and save people's lives. During the last raid, the employees of the 8th detachment installed such detectors at several addresses where large families and disabled people live.

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