Nizhnekamsk fire protection workers took part in the clean-up

22 October 2021, Friday

Employees of the detachment of the Federal Fire Service of the Nizhnekamsk branch of the Department of Contractual Divisions in the Republic of Tatarstan cleaned the territory assigned to the detachment from fallen leaves, branches and household garbage.
At the beginning of the week, at the "Business Monday", the traditional meeting of city leaders in the Nizhnekamsk City Hall, a general autumn clean-up was launched. This year it will be held in two stages - on October 20-22 and 27-29.
Today, employees of the Federal Fire Service have started cleaning the territory of fallen leaves and other debris. Timely sanitary cleaning is important for the health of people and plants. After all, harmful insects usually overwinter on fallen leaves and dangerous microorganisms develop - pathogens of fungal and bacterial diseases.

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