The next children's drawing contest "I will be vigilant on ice" has started in the republic

12 October 2021, Tuesday

The competition is held in accordance with the order of the Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations and Fire Safety of the Republic of Tatarstan "On additional measures to ensure the safety of the population on water bodies in winter". Creative works of young artists are accepted from October 1 to November 30.
Objectives of the competition:
- improving the safety of children during the winter holidays;
- prevention and prevention of accidents involving children on water bodies in winter;
- formation of public consciousness and civic position of the younger generation in the field of safe behavior on reservoirs;
Individual works made by students of grades 1-11 of general education organizations of municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan are allowed to participate in the competition. The authors of the best works will be invited at the end of December to the SISV Center of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan to be awarded with memorable gifts and diplomas, if the sanitary and epidemiological situation allows.                                                     
It is necessary to send the competitive work to: .
The results of the competition are posted on the websites , .

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