The regiment of professionals has arrived!

14 September 2021, Tuesday

New 25 graduates of their own training center have strengthened the personnel of the detachment of the Federal Fire Service of the Nizhnekamsk branch of the Department of Contractual Divisions in the Republic of Tatarstan!
On September 13, at the training ground, the certification of the detachment's employees who completed training in the profession of "firefighter" with the specialty "gas and smoke defender" was held.
The certification included an oral exam for knowledge of fire fighting and practical tasks - combat work as part of the gas service link.
According to the results of two issues of the Nizhnekamsk branch of the training center in 2021, 51 employees of the detachment mastered the profession of "firefighter". 7 of them will continue their professional development in the training course for the position of "squad commander", it starts on September 15.
In 2021, the Nizhnekamsk branch of the training center trains professional firefighters along with the branches of Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Almetyevsk.

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