At the first classes of the new academic year, students learned how to evacuate

7 September 2021, Tuesday

Within the framework of the Children's Safety Month held in the Republic of Tatarstan, training sessions are held not only in general education institutions, but also in organizations of secondary and higher education.
Today, inspectors of the federal State Fire Supervision visited students and teachers of the Kama State Automobile and Mechanical Technical School named after L. B. Vasiliev and the Kama Construction College.  
The visit of the SFS inspectors began with a training evacuation, then an open lesson was held according to the plan, during which information about the current situation with fires in the Republic of Tatarstan was brought to the students. As part of an interactive conversation about fire-safe behavior, the children showed great interest and showed excellent knowledge about the rules of behavior in the event of a fire. At the end of the talks, students and teachers were handed memos.
The teaching staff and students showed efficiency and organization during the evacuation from the building and excellent knowledge during the conversation. In total, 386 students and teachers of the Kama Construction College and 325 students and teachers took part in open lessons and evacuation.

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