Fire safety lesson in kindergarten No. 5 of Leninogorsk

12 July 2021, Monday

In order to form a system of knowledge, skills and correct actions for children in case of emergency situations, a field event was held in kindergarten No. 4 in Leninogorsk, organized by representatives of the local branch of the TRB RVFS.

We had a conversation with the children on the following topics: what is a fire; where to call in case of a fire; how to extinguish it; what to do in case of an emergency and how to prevent it from occurring.

The answers to all these questions were found through joint efforts. The guys participated in the survey with interest, actively complementing each other.

Then the guys were able to extinguish the conditional fire, using carbon dioxide and powder fire extinguishers. The culmination of the event was a demonstration of the Buran fire extinguishing module in action.

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