About the achievements of the Motherland on the Day of Russia

10 June 2021, Thursday

Young inspectors of the SISV school No. 4 in Chistopol under the leadership of the state inspector of the Chistopol inspection department of the SISV Ruslan Galiullin took part in the sports and educational event "Russia is us", dedicated to the Day of Russia.

At the beginning, the children were greeted and congratulated on the holiday by the chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Chistopol district Ildar Valiullin, the state inspector of the Chistopol inspection department of the SISV Ruslan Galiullin, the senior state inspector of road safety Dmitry Zinin, the inspector of the juvenile affairs unit Nail Kamalov, the head of the prevention department of the State Budgetary Institution "Road Safety Svetlana Sidorova.

During the event, teams of young inspectors of SISV, UID, and yunarmeytsev competed in the knowledge of the history of our Motherland and its greatest achievements. At the station "Navy of the Russian Federation" there were no equals to the young inspectors of the SISV, they "built" the most paper ships. Then the guys showed good knowledge of navigation and road signs, as well as well-coordinated work in a team. Without mistakes, the children determined what each color of the Russian flag means. At the station" Extreme situation "young inspectors quickly made decisions, correctly "asked for help" by phone to special services. All 120 participants of the holiday amicably supported their teams and received a huge boost of cheerfulness and good mood.

According to the results of all stages of the competition, the YID team took the 1st place, the team of young inspectors of SISV – the 2nd place, the team of unarmeytsev-the 3rd place. The contest participants were presented with gifts.

In the end, the guys released balloons of the colors of the Russian Tricolor into the sky.

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