Employees of the EMERCOM hold an event in children's health camps

9 June 2021, Wednesday

Ilya Venediktov, Senior Inspector for the ZMR, held a conversation with the children about security measures. He reminded the audience about what causes fires and how to act in the event of a fire. Immediately after a short briefing-check for speed and efficiency. At the signal of the fire alarm, the children leave the two-story building in an organized manner, without panic, through the main and emergency evacuation exits. Counselors build and count the children. The camp director reports on the number of children evacuated.
Next – the most interesting, practical part. Employees of the 34th fire and rescue unit clearly demonstrated the fire and technical equipment of the fire truck "Natiskt". The commander of the SRU-34 squad, Renat Akhmetzyanov, spoke in detail about the equipment of fire equipment, hydraulic rescue tools, and how to use them. They showed the children the breathing apparatus of the firefighters, explained the principle of operation. At the end of the event, the inspector handed the camp director a memo on fire safety and, of course, made a traditional general photo.
Employees of the Zelenodolsk garrison regularly conduct such classes in children's country camps. Moreover, the Ministry of Emergency Situations will monitor safety issues in all children's health camps throughout the summer season.


Reseda YUSUPOVA – 8 FFS squad in RT

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