Theater performance "Beware of fire"

15 September 2020, Tuesday

Pupils of the Saba kindergarten of General development type No. 5 "Belekech" prepared and showed a mini-theatrical performance about the observance of elementary fire safety requirements in everyday life and in nature called "Beware of fire". The boys played the role of firefighters, and the girls performed the dance of sparks, the rest of the pupils got used to the role of forest inhabitants and had heated discussions on a very hot topic called "Fire". The event was held as part of the month of child safety in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Most of all, SFS inspectors are happy when children show the knowledge they have been taught, which gives them confidence that in the event of an emergency, they will not be confused and will be able to react correctly and quickly.

Ainur Galimullin, head of the inter-district Department of supervision and preventive work in the Saba and Tyulyachy municipal districts, highly appreciated the talents of pre-school children, who showed themselves to be versatile both in theatrical, organizational and choreographic plans. The children prepared in advance and also drew drawings about how they see the fire problem, which were placed in a prominent place.

After the presentation, the chief state inspector of the Saba and Tyulyachy districts for fire supervision talked with children and conducted a training evacuation. The head and teachers of the kindergarten took the task seriously and coped perfectly with working out actions when receiving a fire signal. The EMERCOM employee also highly appreciated the fire safety corner equipped in the kindergarten.

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