The fire extinguisher is our main savior!

14 September 2020, Monday

As part of the month of fire safety, employees of the local Bugulma branch of the TRB RVFS held a fire prevention event for students of the young tourist club.

What is a fire, where to call, how to extinguish it, what to do in case of an emergency, and how to prevent it from occurring-the answers to all these questions were found by joint efforts. The children participated in the survey with interest, actively complementing each other.

The master of MBO TRB RVFS Zubov V. A. told how the powder fire extinguisher is arranged, clearly demonstrated how to quickly extinguish the fire. Students had the opportunity to test the fire extinguisher themselves, which they willingly took advantage of.

Such events help children to accumulate knowledge in the field of fire safety and in the event of an emergency to act correctly and without panic.

At the end of the event, children received Souvenirs with RVFS symbols.

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