Prevention of fire safety among the population continues

21 May 2020, Thursday

The essence of fire prevention is the implementation of a number of organizational and engineering measures that ensure the protection of economic activities from fires. The key goal of all fire prevention work carried out across the country is to maintain fire safety at a high level in localities, in places where people or material assets are concentrated, at all existing economic facilities, due to impeccable compliance with fire safety standards and requirements.

The may weather never ceases to surprise with its fickleness. In order to prevent fires in the housing stock, Marat Badreev, Deputy head of the inter-district Department of supervision and preventive work for the Bavlin and Yutazinsky municipal districts, conducted a RAID on the territory of the urban-type settlement of Urussu.

The purpose of the preventive RAID is to timely warn citizens about the causes and consequences of fires in the spring and summer fire - dangerous period. During the event, an EMERCOM employee held conversations with citizens and gave recommendations that affect not only the personal safety of citizens, but also the safety of their neighbors. The attention of residents was also focused on the rules of fire safety when using gas, electric appliances and individual stove heating, violation of which, according to statistics, often leads to fires. It was also recommended not to leave children without adult supervision.

In order for the safety rules to be better remembered, all those instructed were given memos detailing the necessary fire safety rules and the procedure for calling emergency services.

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