Total experience of 110 years

15 May 2020, Friday

The history of the Guryanov family dynasty in the service of fire protection began with Nikolai Grigoryevich Guryanov (1934-2003). After him, the work of his life was continued by his son-Sergey Nikolaevich, and then by his grandson - Andrey Sergeevich. The Guryanov couple's total experience in fire protection has already exceeded 110 years. And this is not the only labor dynasty, which boasts a team of 5 detachment of the Federal fire service in Republic of Tatarstan, to support the initiative of the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov about greeting the Day of family, representatives of labor dynasties.

Taking an example from his father, Sergey Nikolaevich Guryanov after serving in the army joined the fire Department. For more than 30 years at the turn of the fight against fire, he has saved many lifes and extinguished hundreds of complex fires. At the moment, he continues to work as the head of 31 SRU FSBI "5th detachment of FFS SFS in the Republic of Tatarstan (contractual)".

Junior Guryanov is a major in the internal service, and since 2017 has held the position of Deputy head of the SRU-3 Special Department of the FFS No. 35 of the EMERCOM of Russia.

The Smurygins-Odintsovs-Khashovs dynasty is unique not only for its total work experience, which has also exceeded 100 years, but also for its large number.

In a large family, there are seven people who continued the labor dynasty. And these are not only fathers and children, but also their wives, mothers and grandchildren.

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