Pre-school children train fire safety

6 November 2019, Wednesday

Today in municipal budgetary preschool educational institution "Yulbatsk kindergarten "Romashka" day of fire safety was organized and carried out by the chief state inspector on Saby and Tyulyachy municipal areas Ainur Galimullin.

The lesson on "Fire-both friend and enemy" was held during the conversation. The employee of the Ministry of emergency situations asked kids such questions as what to do if there was a fire, why it is impossible to play with matches. After talking to the children from all the groups, the SFS inspector switched to the adults.

Ainur Galimullin explained the requirements of fire safety in everyday life, the procedure in case of fire, as well as the effectiveness of equipping housing with primary fire extinguishing means and Autonomous fire detectors to the personnel of the facility.

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