The most massive competitions in fire and rescue sport among schoolchildren took place in Kazan

29 October 2019, Tuesday

In the sports arena of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan today the final races of the championship of Kazan in fire and rescue sport among boys and girls born in 2006-07 took place. In the fight for the main prize of the competition entered the 15 best city teams that showed the best time at the end of the qualifying races.

According to the results of preliminary starts, 150 young athletes representing teams of 15 schools made their way to the final. Each team consists of 10 people-5 boys and girls. The competitions were held in two types of program-overcoming a simplified 100-meter obstacle course and climbing the assault ladder to the window of the second floor of the training tower.

According to the results of the final races, the best result was demonstrated by the students of the 54th school. The second place was taken by pupils of 78 schools. "Bronze", showing the same result, won two teams-129th and 171st schools.

Students who showed the best results will be included in the nearest reserve of the youth team of the Republic of Tatarstan in fire-applied sports.

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