SRW rescuers continue implementation of the Presidential grant

17 October 2019, Thursday

Rescuers of the regional public organization "SRW of the Republic of Tatarstan" continue implementation of the project "prevention of accidents and safety of the population on water objects of the Republic of Tatarstan", carried out with the use of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation provided by the presidential grants Fund.

On October 16, at school No. 17, the children were not only told about the safety rules on the water, but also showed how to use a life jacket, life-saving equipment. The training, conducted by professionals with extensive experience, is particularly interesting and effective, and therefore caused a lively discussion among children.

Preventive work with children is of great educational importance. Learning to treat security issues with a huge share of responsibility, consciously and seriously is important since childhood. Therefore, similar classes are held throughout the country. In total, the project will cover more than 15,000 children with preventive measures.

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