Graduates of EMERCOM of Russia from Tatarstan got work in the specialty

26 July 2019, Friday

The ranks of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan were replenished with new employees – young graduates of higher educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia. Yesterday's students, today held the main exam before distribution to the service.

17 lieutenants of internal service - graduates of the best universities of EMERCOM of Russia with excitement waited for the invitation in a hall where the certification and personnel Commission under the chairmanship of the first Deputy chief of GU of EMERCOM of Russia on the Republic of Tatarstan the Colonel of internal service Irik Kadamov met.

Each of the graduates chose a position in the Ministry of emergency situations like - someone will be the head of the guard of the fire Department, and some will begin to check the facilities as an inspector of Supervisory activities or go to the operational service of the Department. All graduates received congratulations from members of the certification and personnel Commission with the beginning of service in the ranks of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

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