At the scene of the fire in Kazan found the bodies of 6 people.

22 April 2019, Monday

At 23.33 (MSK) 21.04.2019 "CSMC Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan" received a message about the burning of a private house in the Aviastroy district of Kazan on the street Pestel 107A. A family of six people lived in a one-storey private house of 10x10 meters in size.

In the course of extinguishing a fire the next peoples’ bodies are found:

- in 23.53 (MSK) a man born in 1985.,

- at 00.25 (GMT) a boy 11 years old;

- in 00.37 (MSK) a woman born in 1983.;

- at 00.55 (MSK) a boy 9 years;

- at 00.55 (MSK) a girl (age - 9 months);

- in 01.10 (MSK) a woman born in 1955.   

All possible probable causes of the fire are worked out, one of the most probable – electrotechnical. The owner of the house, her daughter with the husband and their three children died.

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