Rescue work in the area of flooding. The second stage of the all-Russian exercises

17 April 2019, Wednesday

06 hours introduction about occurrence of emergency situations in Tatarstan Republic commenced activities for the second phase of the exercise. Warning and informing the population is carried out. Residents of flooded houses were evacuated to the temporary accommodation point. Developed and brought to the Executive authorities of the Republic, local governments of municipalities and cooperating organizations models of flood situation.

The practical activities involved an airmobile group consisting of 105 people and 13 pieces of equipment. To evacuate the population there used 2 boats, hovercraft and amphibious all-terrain vehicle "Sherp". For transportation an evacuated population 4 buses are involved.

If we characterize the real situation, in general, the flood is stable in our country. The water level in the rivers is much lower than the critical long-term values. Every day on the "112" there received from 3 to 10 messages about minor flooding of the road network and infield. There is no threat to the population. Local authorities respond quickly to these statements.

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