Cadets of Tetyushy college of civil protection are assistants in fire prevention

10 April 2019, Wednesday

College students are often involved in the conduct of public preventive measures, and this is not the first experience of interaction with employees of the Ministry of emergency situations. Its prophylactic action on the senior inspector of office of Supervisory activities and preventive work in Kamskoe Ustie and Tetyushy municipal districts of the Roman Gorbunov together with cadets of the 302 group started with Central Avenue. Each met on the street children asked questions concerning fire safety, and handed memos.

Near one of the schools, the cadets conducted an extraordinary briefing with students under the watchful supervision of the state inspector of Tetyushy district for fire supervision. One was pleased that the students of the school, as well as residents of Tetyushy, fire safety rules know by heart, and are well versed in what to do in case of a fire.

The preventive action was timed to the 370th anniversary of the formation of the fire protection of Russia.

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