Forces of the Kazan link of the territorial subsystem of RSES eliminate consequences of incident on Pobedy Ave., 34 in Kazan

27 March 2019, Wednesday

March 27, 12.11 the system "112" received a message about the sound of the explosion on the balcony, followed by burning in an apartment on the eighth floor at the address: Kazan, Pobedy Avenue, 34, 25 ap., first entrance. The cause of the incident is established.

1 to 7 floor 14 people (including 4 children) went out of the house, 8 and 9 floors are examined by units of gas and smoke protective service. There was a burning of two apartments №22 and №23 on the 8th floor and the balcony of the 9th floor.

At 12.46 liquidation of open burning, one injured man is rescued. Pre-fire area was 80 sq. m.

In total, on a place forces and means of the Kazan city link of the territorial subsystem of RSES as a part of 86 people and 30 pieces of equipment, including from EMERCOM of Russia - 64 people and 20 pieces of equipment were involved in elimination of consequences of incident.

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