Fire is a friend for man, but be careful

16 January 2019, Wednesday

An employee of the Ministry of emergency situations told about how to behave in a fire to the pupils of the kindergarten "Shatlyk" Menzelinsk district.

The culture of fire-safe behavior should be instilled from early childhood, as still children's games with fire are one of the most common causes of fires, which at the same time kill or injure children themselves.

Lesson on fire safety for kids began with the study of the rules of safe behavior. The guys learned how to behave in a difficult situation. Much attention was paid to the rules of use of fire. To fix the material preschool children were offered to guess a few puzzles and riddles, which they easily coped with. During the entertaining story, the children also learned that in case of fire or heavy smoke it is necessary to duck as low as possible to the floor, and to move towards the exit you can feel the wall and stick to it.

You can not underestimate the power of fire, because breaking out of our control, he becomes a ruthless enemy-on this instructive note, the employee of the inter - district Department of supervision and preventive work in the Aktanysh and Menzelinsk districts finished his speech.

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