The best among the first. Leonid Sovetnikov from Nizhnekamsk became the best worker of fire protection of Russia once more

3 December 2019, Tuesday

The firefighter from Nizhnekamsk showed brilliant results during the final stage of the contest in the nomination "the Best employee of fire protection", becoming the winner of the X All-Russian festival on the theme of safety and rescue of people "Constellation of courage".

The results of the final stage, held in November in Podolsk, where the strongest contenders for the title from all over the country gathered, speak for themselves. The 36-year-old commander showed his superb fitness, more than beating his pursuers in the climb of the assault ladder, Shuttle run and pull-up. He won 43 test times in the power exercise on the crossbar. Leonid also managed to be in the "prizes" at the end of the cross and knitting a rescue loop. Impeccable were his knowledge in the field of professional activity and labor protection. The verdict of the strict jury of the competition is an unconditional victory.


Ruslan Fathutdinov - head of information support of EMERCOM of Russia, in Main Department of EMERCOM in RT

Photo: Andrey Smetanin – 1th FFSU in RT (contractual)


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