In Agryz district fire detector operation prevented the death of a couple with a child

29 November 2019, Friday

November 28, 2019 at 06 hours 37 minutes there was a message about burning private house on the street Central in the Tersi village of Agryz district.

According to the owner, he lives in the house with his wife and seven-month-old daughter. Hearing the signal from the Autonomous fire detector (API) installed for their money in the amount of 2 pieces in May 2019, they ran out of the house. The owner of the house learned about the benefits of such a vital device from publications in the regional media and bought it in the rural store API. The corresponding order on the implementation of Autonomous fire detectors in the network of stores Raipo at the beginning of the year at the meeting gave the head of Agryz municipal district Valery Makarov.


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