The number of fires in the Republic of Tatarstan decreased

8 November 2019, Friday

This was announced today by the Deputy Head of the Department of supervision and preventive work of the main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Tatarstan, Colonel of the internal service Maxim Trushchin during a briefing for the media. One of the reasons for the reduction of fires in the Republic Maxim Truschin called the mass installation of fire detectors in apartments and private houses.

In total in 18615 households of the specified categories of the population 68576 Autonomous fire detectors are established.

For reference:

Autonomous fire detectors have been installed:

- in 2079 houses (apartments) of dysfunctional families dependent on which there are minor children (7060 detectors);

- in 937 houses (apartments) of large families (5 and more children) who are not in a socially dangerous situation (4843 detectors);

- in 1697 houses (apartments) of the disabled people who are on the patronage account in bodies of social protection (5179 detectors).

- in 2513 houses (apartments) of large families (4 children) which are not in socially dangerous situation (9282 detectors);

- in 1212 houses (apartments) of veterans of the great Patriotic war (3740 detectors);

- in 10285 houses (apartments) of elderly citizens over 70 years (38796 detectors).


The main causes of fires in 2019 in the Republic of Tatarstan were:

- careless handling of fire-3247 fires or 64.7% of the total number of fires;

- violation of the rules of technical operation of electrical equipment-837 fires (16,67%);

- violation of fire safety rules in the device and operation of furnaces-536 fires (10,7%);

- violation of rules of the device and operation of vehicles-108 fires (2,2%).

- arson – fire 162 (3.2 %).

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