Attention, adults! Children playing near the water, especially on the high bank and the first ice, is a deadly risk!

28 October 2019, Monday

The main Department of the EMERCOM of Russia in RT warns: leaving a young child without adult supervision, parents are already putting his life in danger, which often becomes inevitable if there are water bodies, a highway or a forest nearby. Playing children near the water, especially on a high Bank or on the first ice, especially without adult supervision - a deadly risk!

 According to the hydrometeorological center of Russia in the coming days, a sharp drop in temperature to - 7 degrees is expected. This may lead to the formation of ice, primarily on inland waters-small lakes and ponds, bays of rivers. The cold snap is expected just in time for the school holidays. As the Chief state inspector of RT on small vessels Yury Venediktov noted, at this time parents need to strengthen control of children and to stop any attempts of children to play at water.

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