"Recipe of success" of the real сolonel

17 October 2019, Thursday

The second detachment of the Federal fire service in the Republic of Tatarstan is rightly considered a special unit. One of the largest in Russia, standing guard over particularly dangerous objects of the oil and gas industry, traditionally occupying leading positions in all areas-the personnel have something to be proud of! The coordinated team of group annually declares the high professional level, both at the level of the Republic, and Russia. But the Manager himself, as the head coach of all these achievements, prefers to stay in the shadows. On October 20, Farit Amenovich Khusainov will celebrate his 60th anniversary.

Everyone who is familiar with Farit Amenovich will tell that such and the real head has to be. Before heading the second squad, he had gone through all the stages of professional growth, starting with an ordinary firefighter. The example of his impeccable service and rare human qualities is a guide for the whole team.

The staff of the second group of FFS SFS on RT sincerely congratulates the head with remarkable anniversary! Want to stay in the same energetic, to keep for years to come the youth of the soul and a constant striving for new achievements! Health, happiness and family well-being!

Yulia Grigorieva, Press service of FSBU “2nd detachment of FFS SFS in RT (contractual)”

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