In the center of Kazan passed exercises on elimination of accident in a boiler room with participation of formations of KFU, firefighters of FFS of EMERCOM of Russia and Professional emergency rescue team “Regionspas”

17 October 2019, Thursday

About 50 people and 10 pieces of equipment were involved today during the training sessions to eliminate the accident in the gasified boiler room of the Kazan Federal University. In the simulated emergency was attended by employees of the Federal fire service, rescue professional emergency rescue teams "Regionsas", the boiler room workers, and emergency rescue units of the KFU. The exercises were held as part of the Month of civil defense.

The purpose of the training session is to develop skills and assess the correctness of the actions of personnel, specialists of the operating organization and rescuers of the professional rescue formation of LLC "Regionspas" in the event of an accident at a dangerous production facility, in accordance with the action Plan for localization and liquidation of the consequences of accidents.

According to the legend of the exercise, in the gasified boiler room of KFU as a result of a gas leak, an explosion and destruction of the boiler walls occurred with the gas entering the boiler room and subsequent ignition.

The head of the exercise, chief of staff of civil defense and protection from emergencies of KFU Alexey Balzamov gave an assessment of the actions of non-emergency rescue units of KFU involved in the exercises.

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