Typical incidents over the past 24 hours

9 October 2019, Wednesday

Incidents for October 8: Fire departments of SFS of Russia EMERCOM on RT had departures on alarms 38 times. The firefighters of the republic eliminated 8 fires, of which 2 fires were eliminated in residential buildings (structures) and above-ground buildings. There are no dead. 1 were injured. Saved - 3 people.

The causes of the fires were: careless handling of fire - 7 fires, other causes - 1 fire.

Other trips to incidents - 28 times, of which: false calls - 16 times, to burn food - 3 times, to interact with other services - 9 times.

Fire department trips for rescue operations - 2 times.

Units of VFP departed on fire fighting – 2 time.

SRS of EMERCOM of RT and VRSRS of Russian EMERCOM departed 4  times. Of these: for assistance in case of an accident - 1 time, for search in the natural environment - 1 time, departure on the way and on arrival - 2 times.

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