In the territory of the Kazan psychoneurological boarding school passed the fire-tactical occupation to work out actions of the personnel

19 September 2019, Thursday

This demonstration session was organized by the Main Department of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Tatarstan in the framework of a training seminar for emergency workers and for more than forty representatives of national and city ministries and departments, which have objects of social importance with mass round-the-clock stay of people.

According to the plan of fire and tactical training, the fire occurred on the 3rd floor of the men's Department in ward No. 23 due to a short circuit of the electrical wiring. The fire alarm system is activated. The staff of the boarding school organizes the evacuation of patients from the floors of the main building. The forces and means of the Kazan fire and rescue garrison units arrive at the place of the fire. The first arrived the head of fire extinguishing makes arrangement of forces and means, will organize rescue of people from the building and suppression of the fire center.

After the successful evacuation of people and extinguishing the fire, the end of the exercise is given.

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