There are no threats to the population in a result of ammonia leakage at the Kazan dairy plant

16 August 2019, Friday

14.20 (GMT) on 16 August in the "CSMC of EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Tatarstan" from operational duty of "RegionSpas" received information about the leak of ammonia in the warehouse of finished products of the Kazan dairy plant at the address: Kazan, Arbuzov St., 7. On a scene forces and means of RSES in number of 16 people, 5 pieces of equipment are directed.

The cause of the incident is established. The personnel have been brought to a safe distance. There are no people in the 50-meter zone.

Fire departments of the Federal fire service put up a water curtain. From the inlet of the 50-liter tank there was an outflow of ammonia vapors in a small amount. Employees of the enterprise blocked the valve. After the ammonia is discontinued.

There is no threat to the population.

Car RCM Search and rescue service of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted chemical reconnaissance around the building, exceeding the permissible concentration of ammonia is not revealed.

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