Fire safety for ice cream!

16 August 2019, Friday




Representatives of almost all departments of the Ministry of emergency situations visited the day before at the resting kids in the summer camp "Zarechny". The reason for such an impressive "landing" is the most significant – participation in the thematic competition of security, which became one of the most memorable in the festive events dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the city center of youth policy "Yal".

Entertainment and demonstration competitions resembled the former "Lightning", but with one significant difference – for successful answers the kids received not points, but tokens. Who gained a certain amount – received an award of ice cream, and along the way new experiences and knowledge of the basics of safe behavior and action in an emergency.

 - Today in the camp "Zarechye" we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the city center "Yal" - a municipal budget institution of youth policy of the city hall of Kazan, which includes 11 children's camps. Among the guests of the festival – our colleagues with whom we work closely. Among them are representatives of the MOE. Each camp is opened only in the process of close work with the Ministry of emergency situations. We are grateful to firefighters and rescuers, as well as volunteers for such a significant and interesting event. Children will learn more and experience the difficult work of firefighters and rescuers, - said the Director of the city center "Yal" Kirill Borisov.

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