Kazan rescue cynologists back with the victory in the team competition in the Volga Federal District

26 July 2019, Friday

The rescue team of the Kazan search and rescue unit - a branch of the Volga regional search and rescue unit of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia became the best in the team competition of certification tests and training fees of canine calculations of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia of the Volga Federal district.

The Grand opening of the competition took place on July 22 at the training camp in Berezniki district of the Republic of Mordovia. Five days rescuers and volunteers from all Volga region showed the preparation, competed and passed certification on the right to be engaged in search and rescue works as a part of cynological group.

During the tests, cynologists passed 4 stages: check of obedience and dexterity, search in the natural environment; search under conditions of technogenic blockage; command search. Cynologists of our team together with their four-legged assistants were the only ones of all the participants who managed to find all the conditionally injured at the stage.


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