Autonomous detector saved the life of a woman and her disabled son

5 August 2020, Wednesday

This night, an autonomous sensor helped a woman and her disabled son, who live in the village Ragozino, Mamadysh district, escape from a burning house.
The fire occurred at 23.49, August 4 in a two-apartment one-story building, where a family lives in one of the apartments, which is registered with the social protection authorities.
A chair was burning in the room. Fire departments were met by the owner of the house with her son born in 1977, who said that there were no people in the house. She and her disabled son managed to leave the smoke-filled room in time after hearing the signal of an autonomous fire detector.
As a result of the fire, the furniture in the room was partially burned, the walls and ceiling of the room were blackened on a total area of 18 sq.m. there were no fatalities or injuries.
The preliminary cause of the fire is a violation of the rules of technical operation of electrical equipment.

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